What is the Full Form CA ? Full Form of CA. CA Ka Full Form

What is the Full-Form CA? Full-Form of CA. CA Ka Full Form

Full Form Ca. Full Form of CA. CA Ka Full Form
Full-Form Ca. Full-Form of CA. CA Ka Full Form

The Full Form of CA is CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. He is basically an accounts checker of a business company or firm. Chartered accountants work in all fields of business and finance, including auditing, taxation, financial and general management. Some are engaged in public practice work, others work in the private sector and some are employed by government bodies.

Chartered accountants are members of national professional accounting bodies in countries. In India, the Institute of Charted Accountants of India (ICAI) is the national professional accounting body that regulates the profession of Cost and Management Accountancy. Try to read some frequently asked questions-related to Full-Form CA at last of this post.

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Main works of a CA regarding full form CA:-

  • Regular review of financial statements and analysis of risk
  • Conducting a financial audit to verify the financial position of the firm
  • Prepare and maintain accounting statements
  • Forensic accounting involves detecting and preventing fraud
  • Provide financial advice related to tax planning, business transactions, insolvency, merger, and joint venture.

Eligibility of CA should possess the following qualification:

12th in commerce, Bachelor in commerce (B.com), Master in Commerce (M.com), Ph.D. (Commerce), and should clear the national level exam of chartered accountancy.
CA Foundation Course Syllabus 2020:-
 The exams in CA Foundation course are as follows:
Exam 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting
Exam 2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence
1.     Business Laws
2.     Business Correspondence and Reporting
Exam 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, And Statistics
1.     Business Mathematics
2.     Logical Reasoning
3.     Statistics
Exam 4: Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge
1.     Business Economics
2.     Business and Commercial Knowledge

Some frequently asked question regarding Full Form CA:-

Is CA a stressful job?

They just get addicted to the corporate structure and end up with frustrations and stress after some years. But you have choices. It's up to you. You can work as per your timings and make time for other priorities too.

Is CA a government job?

CA stands for Chartered Accountant, it is neither a government job nor a private job. In fact, it is not a job at all. It is actually a designation given to the accountant who qualifies the exam conducted by the statutory body.

Who Earns More CA or IAS?

A fresher CA with a rank might draw INR close to 50 lacs annually on the first job itself which an IAS couldn't earn after years of service. CA in practice has no upper cap. If successful, 10 years after practicing, CA may clock crores of profits.

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