What is the Full Form of VDU? Full Form of VDU in Computer

What is the Full Form of VDU? Full Form of VDU in Computer

The Full Form of VDU stands for Visual Display Unit. A VDU is a machine with a screen which is used to display information from a computer. 

These are some other full forms of VDU:-

  • Virtural Displeasing Unit
  • Very Dear Utility
  • Visible Diode Unit
  • Video Distribution Unit

Some frequently asked question:-

What does a VDU do?

VDU is a computing device that allows for input by a user and output to a display, like a computer monitor. A VDU consists of a display device and a keyboard, and could also include a mouse. In the United States, it is sometimes referred to as a video display terminal, or VDT

How does a VDU work?

The term VDU refers to any piece of equipment in use which has a display screen which the user looks at and also a keyboard which the user types on to interact with the System or Computer. Adjust your chair and VDU to find the most comfortable position for your work.

What are the types of VDU?

  • Liquid Crystal Displays.
  • Cathode Ray Tube. 
  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode. 
  • LCD with LED Backlight. 
  • Plasma.
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